Made with Xara © Usk Dental Practice 2012   Crowns Teeth Whitening Overview At the moment, the ‘more info’ links aren’t working, but we hope to have that fixed soon Common Treatments Below are a slection of short animations about treatments we are frequently asked about The animations should open in a pop-out player To read more about them, click the ‘more info’ button. Crowns are often made to repair broken  teeth.  They involve the permanent drilling away of some of the natural tooth in order to make them. Root Canal treatment is done where the nerve in the tooth has died and threatens to form (or has already) an abscess. Root Treatment Bleaching your teeth can be a safe, non destructive way of restoring the whiteness and losing some of the age-related colour changes. Increasingly, implants are being seen as the first choice for replacing missing teeth.  We don’t do them, but we’ll refer you to a colleague who does. Implants