Denplan offers monthly payment plans based on your previous dental history Denplan Your Dentist will work out what ‘band’ you fit into.  This determines how much you pay each month.  With the exception of labwork, all of your treatment is covered by this monthly fee.  Over 65% of our patients are in band B.  See the ‘prices’ page for an up to date list of fee rates.  NHS NHS charges are based on the most ‘expensive’ item in your care plan and you pay the one flat rate.  This can make complicated or lengthy treatments exceptional value for money, but the inflexible nature means it can make simple treatments quite expensive Lorem Ipsum Dolor Overview Historically, Denplan has sometimes been considered expensive and comparitively poor value for money when compared to the NHS. With the introduction of the 2006 Dental Contract, the merits of the NHS were devalued for some patients who found that they were paying rather a lot of money for just a handful of treatments. Our experience suggests that if you have relatievly good teeth and are prepared to look after them, Denplan may be worth a second look. Lorem Ipsum Dolor NHS Dentistry has tiered charges The charges are based on specific treatments in your care plan and not the number of them. Made with Xara © Usk Dental Practice 2012   Lorem Ipsum Dolor